Totally Electric! Your Musical Hall Pass to the '80s!


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It's time to grab your parachute pants, banana clips, and homework assignments, and head back to the 1980s! This hilarious new show will have you laughing and singing along to the '80s song hits you love!

Totally Electric is the rockin' good time that will have you reminiscing about your own high school days--be they two or twenty years ago--before the night is over. Come relive the days of Day-Glo, Jordache and jelly shoes with the musical that audiences can't stop talking about!

Totally Electric begins at the high school reunion for the West Lake High School Class of 1989. When the award-winning West Lake show choir, "The Syncopated Sensations," are unable to perform, we flash back to the 1980s, and the Sensations' last weeks of high school. Each with a unique personality, the Sensations find friendship and camaraderie in their goup, while being bullied but the "Soc's," the mean kids whose primary goal seems to be making the Sensations' last days of high school a miserable experience. However, the Sensations are ready to show the rest of West Lake High School what they are made of as the year's final pep rally approaches. Through their determination, talent, and friendship, and with the help of some new friends, the Sensations witll leave their mark on West Lake forever!

The SensationsThe Soc's

Cast of Characters


Tiara Lynn Kelly is the self-proclaimed songbird of West Lake High and spokesperson for her family's cookie company. Tiara is always on top of what's going on at West Lake, as well as the latest fashions and trends. Tiara is a multi-threat, being a singer, model, actress, and a dancer, and, at heart, a great friend. When she’s not checking her make-up, hair, or practicing her modeling poses, Tiara's goals include being top model at Barbizon, being the first person at school to star in a major motion picture, and to help Kippy get over Mike!

Lum Ding O'Reilly
is the most spiritual student at West Lake High. Having a strong up-bringing in Christian/Asian religions, Lum Ding is the voice of reason for the Sensations. Lum Ding's unconditional love for all things, especially his egg baby Bochoi, always leave the Sensations inspired to do good things. Lum Ding’s goals are to hone his fatherhood skills with Bochoi, receive the Fellowship of Christian Athletes scholarship, and to instill faith in all his peers.

Jessie Newton-John
is first and foremost the vocal captain and choreographer for the Sensations. Jessie's Aunt Olivia is his role model, and he gets a lot of his talent and advice from her. The Sensations are Jessie's best friends in the whole world and he loves them all and their exceptional talent more than he can say-- but excellence is always a priority and he will not settle for less! Jessie's goals for the rest of the year include superior scores at all competitions, getting new cummerbunds for the group, and preparing for college at AMDA.

Grapenut Brown
is always down to earth and always one with nature. She is the cornerstone in reminding the Sensations to be confident in themselves, no matter how different they may seem. Grapenut is always accompanied by her most trusted and loved companion Poncho, a "sweet" little bird that resides on her shoulder. Grapenut's goals include banning meat products from the school lunch menu, building Poncho his dream birdhouse, and obtaining her carpentry license.

Kippy Kaler
is a cheerleader for the West Lake Eagles sports teams, but being a Sensation is her passion. Kippy, with her natural pep, always has a way of making everyone feel good about themselves. Kippy has had some hardships this school year but knows her friends will always be there to re-pep her. Kippy's goals include getting back together with Mike, cutting back on her whipped cream intake, and getting back together with Mike.

Jimmy Phil Tony Bob Lee
is his nickname, short for James Phillip Anthony Robert Lee Stafford. A recent transplant from a very small town called Bile, Texas, Jimmy has made quite an adjustment to his new suburban life. Jimmy is the second oldest in a family of 18, and is cared for by his older sister, Fancy. As a Sensation, what Jimmy lacks in skill, he makes up for in heart. Jimmy's goals include graduating, winning employee of the of the month at Chick-Fil-A, and getting all his choreography right.


Taffy and Toffee Tepperman are the not-so-twin sisters that have it out for the Sensations. Taffy & Toffee are an inseparable pair that are always looking to ruin someone’s day...even if it's each other’s. Taffy and Toffee enjoy fashion, the Coreys, and finding opportunities to make others feel inferior to them.

Mike Meadows
is not only the biggest jock in school, he's also the biggest idiot. Making dumb jokes, burping for extended periods of time, and some sports seem to be his only talents. 

Vince Wentworth is probably the most low key of the Soc's. Vince is Mike’s best friend, and he is also into sports--though he's a bit more intelligent than his buddy. Although Vince contributes to the group’s ideas of fun, sometimes it's hard to tell if he's really getting pleasure out of it.

Jean Michelle Valjean
is West Lake's newest addition. A foreign exchange student from France, Jean Michelle, with her good heart and incredible knack for the needle and thread, has warmed the hearts of all of the Sensations and has been welcomed in as one of their own. Jean Michelle enjoys fashion and design, cooking, and American music.

Holly Feffen
 is not really in a clique, but has latched on to Taffy and Toffee. In her struggle to be cool, she will basically do anything they say...and does. Holly is infamous for her banana clip collection, and was voted "biggest hair" by the yearbook committee. She enjoys reading the morning announcements, wearing various colors, and having school spirit.

Fancy Stafford is Jimmy Phil Tony Bob Lee's sister. As sole provider for their family, Fancy is an executive in the world’s oldest profession. Fancy is caring and hardworking, and will do ANYTHING to make sure her sisters and brothers are taken care of. With a heart of gold, Fancy will make sure she never lets her mama down, because she is her family's last chance.

Production History

Totally Electric premiered at the Duplex Cabaret in New York City in March, 2007. Since then, the show has toured throughout the southeastern United States, with productions in Tampa, Orlando, Riverview, and Sarasota, Florida; and New Orleans, Louisiana. The show is currently available for bookings throughout 2009 and beyond.

Totally Electric!

Written and Directed by Jonathan Van Dyke
Musical Direction by Meredith McDermott

Original choreography by Chris DeMartino, Jonathan Van Dyke and Keith Rabin
Original musical arrangements by B.J. Gandolfo and Bill Morgan
Revised arrangements, orchestrations, and tracks by Andrew Guarrine
Additional vocal arrangements by Meredith McDermott
Costumes by Keith Rabin and Jonathan Van Dyke

All information on this page is © 2007-2008,
Van Dyke Productions.